5 minutes with Oli Adams

Oli Adams is our main man at The Toy Factory, as one of the top surfers in the UK its invaluable having a guy like that on our team. He comes up to the factory about 90 times a day to talk to the shapers about new ideas, tweaks on his boards and for a banging cuppa. All this feedback allows to produce even better boards as feedback from the riders of our surfboards is the most valuable we can have.

So we thought its time you guys knew a bit about Oli, Surfer, model, Dad, Husband and all round legend. Here’s you five minutes with Oli Adams.

Name: Oli Adams

Age: 28

Your new Toy Factory Model? Mad Fresh

Welcome to the Toy Factory Team. How are you finding the boards so far?
I’m so stoked to be able to get world class boards here in the UK! The first board I had shaped by Barters is the best small wave stick i’ve ever had so you can’t ask for more than that! so excited about the future with you guys!

Have you had some good surfs on your new boards?
Yeah some good days at levy and around the north coast here, I feeling like i’m surfing the best I ever had since getting on the boards.

Whats your plans for this year?
Just to film as much as possible and try and put out some really interesting a good to watch edits, and more importantly to try and make sure i’m getting barrelled as much as possible. Also I want to continue to search out some new waves around our wave rich coasts!

Lee Bartlett is shaping your boards, whats it like working with Barters?
So sick! I looked up to him as a grom and he’s still ripping now! I really think that helps him being a shaper and working with Harty too means they are bouncing ideas off each other, the dream team!!

Are you going to do a comps this year?
Probably end up doing a couple but it’s just not my focus at the moment, I really love aspects of it still but i’ve been so much happier since I moved away from the world tour and started chasing good swells and surfing good waves on the regular.

Any Trips planned?
My trips are planned a day or two before I leave due to the charts changing up untill that point, so I never know where and when I’m going untill the last minute which makes life exciting but very non committal ha ha

If you could pick one wave to surf everyday for the rest of your life what would it be?
Probably my secret left Beefcakes, because no one knows where it is and its a mental world class wave that has it all.

If you could pick 5 people to share that wave with who would they be dead or alive?


If you had to pick to only watch the WCT or the Premiership which would it be?
So hard, don’t make answer that, prob Prem because I already surf for a living and watching top flight footy is something I would love to do but never will.

Quick Fire questions first thing that comes to your head…..GO.

Lefts or rights? lefts
Airs or turns? turns
Indo or Maldives? indo
Thongs or frenchies? thongs
Beer or wine? wine
Ass or tits? ass and tits
Text or call? call
Football or surfing? surfing
Bale or Lennon? bale
Quad or thruster? thruster
Kelly or Joel? joel
Leven or Fistral? leven
Wetsuit or boardies? wetsuit