5 Minutes with Sophie Hellyer

Sophie Hellyer just smashed the Student surf tour, making her the best female surfer currently partaking in university. Well done Sophie. Soph is off on a major trip in the next couple of weeks to celebrate finishing her degree. Have a great trip Sophie, stay tuned for some pics.

Name: Sophie Hellyer

Age: 25

Your new Toy Factory Model?
Still on a Madfresh 5’8 so not sure yet… think its going to be a Burger Monster!

Welcome to the Toy Factory Team.

Have you had some good surfs on your new boards?
Absolutely sick, the 5’8 flies in just about anything. Got first place in the last 2 comps i’ve entered so hopefully that means im surfing well on them!

Whats your plans for this year?
1 month left at uni, hopefully graduate, fingers crossed! Then spend the rest of the summer working in the surf school with a few trips and off for winter somewhere warm!

Lee Bartlett is shaping your boards, whats it like working with Barters and the team?
Legends. I just showed the boys in the factory my current board and a video of me surfing, and they told me what i needed. They have more experience and knowledge to know than me, so i trusted them and they were right! Loving the new boards.

Are you going to do a comps this year?
Yeah just the student surf tour and the english nationals, will see what else im around for.

Any Trips planned?
Yeah scotland and south africa over easter, then i’m hoping to go to Cali, Dubai and Barbados over summer!

If you could pick one wave to surf everyday for the rest of your life what would it be?
OOO tough question! It would have to be a perfect A-frame reef with a hollow left and a fun right…. Hmmm i know a few but i’m not telling!

If you could pick 5 people to share that wave with who would they be dead or alive?
My girl surf buddies! Sister Laura Hellyer, best bud Laura Crane, Croyde girls Karma Worthington and Andrea Lawrence, and hows about a water photog to capture it all!

We know you love your football. But if you had to only play football or surf what would it be?
Ouch, tough. Surfing every time, but there some icy hailing sundays when i am so glad to be on the pitch and not in the sea.

Your also a professional model. If Derek Zoolander had blue steel and magnum. What would your poses be called?
I don’t really have a pose, we have the cheesy grin and the paddle face. Thats about it.

Quick Fire questions first thing that comes to your head…..GO
Lefts or rights? ahhhhhhhhhhh…. rights!
Barrels or turns? Turns!
Indo or Maldives? Maldives
Thongs or Frenchies? French
Beer or wine? Cider
Text or call? Face to face
Football or surfing? Both
Bale or Lennon? Bale, obvs.
Quad or thruster? Thruster
Kelly or Joel? hmm. Taj? haha
Sally Fitz or Steph Gilmore? Sally!
North or south coast? North.
Wetsuit or Bikini? Bikinisssss