5 reasons to try a twin fin

5 Reasons to try a Twin Fin



The Twin fin game is strong in 2016

Twin fins are back in fashion like it or not they are back and look to be the board to have under your arm for summer 2016. However, not all of them are traditional twin fins, it seems, this time around shapers have learnt from previous mistakes. Here’s 5 reasons to try and twin fin.

  1. They go FAST! A bit of a no brainer really- twin fins are fast. It doesn’t have a trailing centre fin producing drag which means the board can speed down the line. This equals FUN! Especially in waves with less shape. Given the added speed not gained from the wave but the board you are riding the lift on a twinny feels amazing what ever the waves are doing.
  2. They are loose, the wide tail and no back fin means you can spin these bad boys on a penny. Throw one into a turn and you will see for yourself. This may take some getting used to, they will feel very loose and its an art but once mastered (or on the path to it) you will be addicted.
  3. They are great in small waves, the speed and looseness means you can shred your twinnie in even the smallest of waves. Above 3-4ft you’ll need to be a skilled twinnie advocate. But for UK summers they are pretty perfect. learning to engage the rail whilst pivoting through a turn is an art in itself and when you get it on a twinnie any wave becomes fun.
  4. It’s something different, if variety is the spice of life then changing surfboards is a pot of red hot chilli powder. Because figuring out a new board is like starting surfing all over again but this time without looking like a dead seal laying on a plank. We can all get a bit bored of our standard shortboards especially when the waves are terrible and all you want is something with more volume. Buying a twin fin will 100% get to you in the surf 100% more. We guarantee that 60% of the time it actually works everytime. Those on shore small days become fun, the bigger clean days where its not quite big enough for your shortboard but look epic become surfs you’ll think back on and tell everyone how good it was. Then when it’s actually good you pull out your standard board and its like having another new board. This my friends is the key to keeping surfing fun.
  5. YOU WILL LOOK COOL AS F*£K (OR A TOOL) It’s a fine line to be honest, some people can make it look cool some can’t. Don’t try too hard, if your a 9-5 guy with 3 kids and wear a suit to work. Don’t then go and buy a beaver tail, grow a mo and start wearing beads. Just roll down the beach with your new twinnie under your arm and know your about to have more fun that everyone else out there. Equally if you’re a young dude and want to impress the blonde sun kissed ladies on the beach stroll down the beach with your new uber cool twin fin and watch them swoon and whisper to their friends “how hot is that guy” ( no refunds if this doesn’t happen) .

black twin

A black Twin for Fourth team rider Arron Evans

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