5 reasons why Longboards are epic

5 reasons why Longboards are epic


Longboards are epic. You can pretty much go surfing everyday even when it’s almost flat. You can sit deeper than everyone else and catch more waves. You can unleash your inner style and surf like your at Malibu in the 60’s. You can be having a blast while the shortboarders all around you struggle and get frustrated. Here’s our 5 reasons why Longboards are epic.

  • You can surf everyday. When you rock up to the beach and it’s really small but you have that itch to go surfing. Well with a longboard you can scratch that itch every time you head for a surf. The only reason you might not jump in is the waves might be too big. In that case break out your shortboard and shred on that. It’s a win win situation really.


  • You will have more fun. If your new to longboarding the novelty of catching so many waves, cross stepping, nose ridding will be so much fun. You will surf more, enjoy surfing more and get the froth back even when its small and weak surf.

Adam Griffiths


  • Longboarders make better surfers. This isn’t true for all, but if you can surf longboard and get good at surfing a longboarding that usually translates into being a good all round surfer. This is because the technique learnt in longboard translates into shortboard but with smaller boards so it can feel easier.


  • You don’t need to buy so many boards. It’s quite usual for a shortboarder to have a small wave board, a good wave board and maybe a step up. But with longboarding you can get away with having one board. A good all round longboard like The bearman pro by Fourth Surfboards will do you for almost all conditions. Yes, it will cost more initially but it will last you ages and you’ll only need one.



  • You will get more waves. As we said at the start you can usually sit deeper than everyone else in the line up on a longboard and catch more waves. This will annoy everyone around you, so don’t take to many. Upping your wave count will mean you get more time on the wave which will improve your surfing. This a epic.

This is why we love longboarding. It’s not just for guys who are a bit to round in the belly for a short board, it’s not just for the old guys that sit out the back and chat with the lads. Longboarding is epic for anyone and having a longboard in your quiver will make surfing so much more fun.

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