Astro Range with F1X

The new Astro Range in F1X technology.

Our new range of stock boards features an ‘astro’ style resin tint. This particular batch is featuring a few of our favourite models a few ‘doofer’s’ and the ‘chilli bean’ model. 

The Doofer by Fourth Surfboards is anything you want it to be. From mush to solid waves it is the ultimate all-rounder when you want to catch as many waves as possible and have a bunch of fun. A great paddler, fast, easy to turn and holds a lovely line in the barrel. The Doofer came about from the Fourth team asking for a board that would be a bit of everything for when they travel. It is essentially a hybrid board that ticks all the boxes. 

The Chilli Bean is built for any surfer who understands that if you’re not afraid of slightly more foam you can go shorter than you’d imagined possible. The Chilli Bean can add the fun back into your surfing by giving you a bit more volume and float to work with.

This range is all constructed in F1X technology. Lightweight, strong, dent proof all with a natural flex pattern to ensure performance in a wide range of conditions. When you have a board that is very strong in terms of impact resistance usually you have a board with stiff flex patterns which will feel chattery on the face of a wave and be hard to control, especially at higher speeds. The F1X construction method rivals the compression strength of sandwich construction epoxy alternatives but adds a better natural flex pattern to allow for ease of use in a wider range of conditions.

The F1X boards are 10% lighter than standard construction surfboards, 20% stronger in tensile strength and around 50% stronger in compression strength all with a flex pattern that doesn’t feel like you are riding a rigid epoxy pop out.

Then to top it all off we’ve added the resin tints to give this ‘astro, space’ style to all the boards. They’re eye catching to say the least, why don’t you purchase one yourself and have the latest in surfboard technology and the latest look and style of surfboards.

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