BP Pro – With Superlight ESE Technology

The BP PRO with super light ESE epoxy technology. 

One of the most dynamic longboards available on the market today. This longboard has limitless boundaries as far as performance long boarding is concerned with the reduced weight from our state of the art ESE epoxy technology, you could be surfing this 9’0 like its your standard shortboard. Add to it the unique blue bleed resin tint and you’ll be turning heads in and out of the water. 

This board has high entry and exit rocker to accentuate rail work on waves with a pocket. The bottom shapes complement this rocker curve with a single through the nose. This offers quick response to speed manipulation and a nice platform to engage the fins when nose riding. The harder rails in the back half of the board and the softer boat rails through the nose give you a highly responsive, stable platform that is easy to move about in a range of conditions.

Who should ride this board?

The aspiring longboard enthusiast looking to perform aggressive or performance-based longboard moves or the person wanting a wave magnet that they can still throw around for smaller days that’s not a clunky classic mal

ESE Technology:

We are using, Superfused EPS Foam? from US Blanks. It has a tighter fusion and cell structure due to the moulding process of the blank, this means the blank takes less resin and offers a tighter flex pattern than the standard EPS blanks available on the market. If you were, already aware, standard EPS foam has a tighter flex than standard construction boards, so Superfused blanks are a massive step up in that respect. These blanks are around 25% lighter than standard blanks, so with the added flex properties you can see where the added performance comes from when riding the board.

Resin Research Epoxy:

When the board is laminated it happens in a heat controlled environment using -resin research- epoxy resin.-Resin research- epoxy is ground breaking stuff, not only is it over 40% bio content it is also the strongest, lightest and brightest epoxy on the market. It isn’t just safer to use and better for the environment, it is also the best performing resin we could get our hands on. Given the characteristics of the foam and the resin, this surfboard as a product uses less resin per foot than standard construction surfboards, meaning the weight is further reduced. It all plays a part in why this construction method is so special.

Hexel S-Glass:

Hexel S-glass fibre glass is used to laminate the board along with the epoxy resin. S-glass is pound for pound the strongest woven 4oz cloth available on the market. Offering up to 4x more tensile strength than other available cloths on the market. As standard we apply two layers of s-glass to each side of the board. The strength to weight ratio really is amazing. All the while gaining flex recoil instead of having a stiff, non flexing, pop out feel like some EPS epoxy sandwich construction surfboards have.

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