Resin bars and work tops

Bespoke resin bar and work tops

Resin Bars and Work tops

Resin Bars and Work tops by Toy Factory resin works. To see our full range click here

Bespoke fully customisable bar and worktops for your kitchen, office bar or restaurant. Are you looking for a unique and eye-catching bar or work top for your business or home? Toy Factory resin works are the place for you.

Bar tops for restaurants, bars, homes, businesses and more. All our worktops are fully customisable, we can create the look and feel that is right for your business or home.

A full array of colours, styles and finishes are on offer for whatever your needs are. We can create a bespoke look unique for you. Make an impact with a unique and stand out feature.

For all info please contact us on or on 01637 499912.

Each of our bar or work top is bespoke and unique. For a quote contact us with your individual job requirements.  Fabricated off-site or at your location, we can offer multiple finishes and styles to suit your decor. We offer a number of finishes from, gloss, matte as well as epoxy.

We have worked have produced resin work and bar tops for many business and homes in Cornwall. Including Retallack Resort and Spa, Wax at Watergate bay, The Slope at Great Western, as well as numerous homes and small businesses.

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