Angus Scotney and Gearoid Mcdaid in Irish epicness.

Angus Scotney and Gearoid Mcdaid in Irish epicness

Angus Scotney and Gearoid Mcdaid in Irish epicness. Two of the young guns on the Fourth Surfboards team have been preping for the upcoming comp season with some Irish perfection. Gman (Gearoid Mcdaid) is a fortunate man with a multitude of amazing on his doorstep, the boys spent a week going up and down the coast scoring amazing waves along the way.

It seems like there is another amazing around every corner in Ireland and Gman knows what corners to look around.

The boys from the Fourth Surfboards team are both prepping for a big year on the pro Junior series and the WSL qualifying series. This will gmans first year on the QS series and it seems all the hard work is paying off with a 13 in his first event it was a solid start for the Irishman.

Angus got off to an even better start finishing 5th in the first pro junior of the year. This puts the boys in good standing for the rest of the year and the European leg coming up.

They also had a bit of a run in with a angry dolphin on this trip, to hear that full story head over to magicseaweed.