#boardmeeting – Bonzers in the house

#Boardmeeting – Campbell Brothers in the house.

Campbell brothers


This week we bring you something just a little bit special from The Toy Factory and week 2 of the #boardmeeting blog.

This is a Campbell Brothers, gloss polish, Bonzer, shaped by Malcolm Campbell himself during his visit to the the UK and Toy Factory Surfboards.

Bonzers were first designed in 1970 and still going strong today. The Bonzer design was well ahead of its time and still looks as futuristic today as is did then. Malcolm’s boards with there deep concave’s, stinger tails and so on aren’t what you see in most surf shop today. But they should be as not only do they look amazing they surf like nothing else.

The craftsmen ship in shaping them is insane although Mr Campbell makes it look like a breeze. Once shaped the rest of the construction process is made more complicated than usual due to the four glass on fins.

(YES, this one has two. But usually they have four)

Campbell Brothers bonzers

The primary purpose of the Bonzer system is to efficiently organise water flow.

This has been done by designing fin and bottom systems that work in a synergetic fashion in order to maximize the use of the energy that is created by the water passing through the tail area of the board. When you’re doing a turn, the water travels diagonally across the bottom of your board.

Luke Hart of Fourth Surfboards (made here at Toy Factory Surfboards) has recently been surfing a bonzer left by the guys from house of bonzer. Luke said “I have had more fun surfing that board than i have had in very long time on a surfboard. I can put more power into my turns and have more speed than i thought possible. It’s really opened my eyes.”

If your into bonzers or want to know more check Bonzer5.com and houseofbonzer for more information.