This is a new feature that we will bring to you weekly all about Surfboards. Each week we will pick a board from the brands made here at The Toy Factory and tell you all about it.

We would love to hear what you think and what you want to see reviewed. So let us know and we will pick the board you want for next week.

Week 1 – The Hartichoke by Fourth Surfboards

The Hartichoke

The Hartichoke by Fourth Surfboards is the first board we are going to take a look at in the #boardmeeting blog.

What is the Hartichoke – Predominately its a small wave board that is great for intermediate surfers looking to up their wave count, make more sections and turns and generally enjoy surfing a bit more.

Designed and shaped by Luke Hart originally for himself it’s a board that will work in tons of conditions from knee high on shore summer slop to really fun head high pumping waves. Its a very versatile board that allows the surfer try different turns, pick different lines and have and really enjoy surfing.

The hip in the tail allows for a much more response than you would imagine for a board of this size and volume, so its a board you can really throw around.

So if your looking for something that works in loads of conditions is so much fun to surf all the time and will have you smiling every time you get a wave. The Hartichoke is the one for you.