#boardoftheweek from J Leon Shapes

#boardoftheweek  from J Leon Shapes


The Fishbone

This week the #boardoftheweek comes from J Leon shapes. One of our newest shapers but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in creativity and passion.

Juan’s boards surf as good as the look. This is Juan’s summer fun model the #fishbone

Its a small wave board designed to fly in small and weak surf. With tons of volume under the chest and a pulled under rails you will be able to get through the flat section but still hack a turn when your in the right position.

FCS II thruster will give you pivot and release as will the swallow and double winged tail. If your a summer lovin cruiser this board is made for you. On a long point or fun beach break this board will offer you more fun than a week at the playboy house (almost)

So if your looking to rip the back out of the end of summer and want something that looks as good as it surfs the Fishbone is the one for you.

Call us on 01637 499912 or email on toyfactorysurfboards@gmail.com. Or come into the Toy Factory Showroom to see one for yourself.

Yeeeeew TF.