BOS surfboards Electric underground resin series – part 1 – The neon collective

BOS surfboards Electric underground resin series

Part 1 – The neon collective

Welcome too the Electric Underground resin tint series, A 3 part (seasonal) resin tint campaign were launching fresh for 2015. We have picked a style for each of these that best represent and compliment the characteristics of each board, and these 3 beauties right here are a sneak peak at the first chapter – ‘the neon collective’.

 The Tuberaider – Has fast become one of our best selling models this year, simply because of its versatile nature, favouring the average to better range of surf as it features a fairly flowing rocker curve, but too balance this out we have pushed the foil forwards giving plenty of paddle power. the plan shape is a little fuller but hidden by the subtly pulled in nose and tail this creates extra planing area which helps maintain speed over flat sections and the pulled in tail combined with a single / double / vee concaves add a nice blend of drive and control producing a positive feel underfoot, a very nice addition to any quiver, also works pretty good as a 1 board wonder for home or travel, or a step-up when ordered in the right dimensions.

If you’ve not felt one up yet, come to the factory and have a gander you wont regret it.