#BOTW – Art of Trim – Easy Rider

#BOTW – Art of Trim – Easy Rider


Easy Rider by Art of Trim

This week its all about summer cruising, so we picked one of the easiest board to surf and one that looks the Insane.

So you its called the easy rider but how easy does it ride? Easy is the answer.

With its shortboard style bottom contours (single to double) and narrow thumb-tail, the Easy Rider sits very much at the performance end of the mini-mal category. Catches waves easily and super-fast underfoot – yet also turns fast and smooth, unlike most mini-mals on the market

Thats the tech bumpf, in plain english. It catches waves with ease with lots of volume piled under your chest and front foot so you will catch plenty of waves and go really fast on them. In a word its lots of fun.

The Easy Rider is available by custom order direct from us or for Down the Line surf shop in Hayle.