#BOTW – Board of The Week

#BOTW – Board of The Week

Art of Trim copy

This weeks Board of The Week is this one off by Art Of Trim. This is a 6’6 single fin with a top and bottom cream cut lap tint a cloth inlay,  free hand drawn pin lines. Finished off with a gloss and polish finish.

Not only does it look the part it will surf like a dream. The outline will allow for long cruising turns and speed lines. A flat ish rocker will make this board paddle like a dream and get into waves with ease. The rounded pin tail will make the board really responsive and easy to manoeuvre.

So not only will you look like a legend with this under your arm when it hits the brine its going to fly and be a board that you will struggle to get off. From smaller waves to those perfect days with long line to the horizon this is board that needs to be in your quiver.

Made at Toy Factory Surfboards, available for £595