Toy Factory Mid-Lengths

Something we have been working on for years….

Having a great stable of shapers and board builders means we are always getting into the nitty gritty of surfboard design together. We can all agree that mid-length surfboards are the most versatile boards for the widest range of surfers. Now, when you put together all that experience of making mid-lengths for Fourth, Form, Quiver, Darchy, Lovelace, Campbell, Slide 65 etc you start to pick up on trends and curves that suit the feels most surfers want out of their mid-length surfboards.

Using that knowledge we have created our very own mid-length model for you guys, available exclusively at the ToyFactory. Using curves, rockers, outlines and rail shapes of all our different style mid-lengths we have developed ‘The mid-length’ to be fluidly reactive and as versatile as it is forgiving. It rides as a thruster, a quad, a twin or a twin + trailer, it paddles well, turns like a boss and isn’t too hard to duck dive.

You can surf it in anything and it we can cater it to your exact requirements aesthetically and if the stock options on sizing aren’t just right…. we can change them too. We are really proud of ‘The Midlength’ and cannot wait to get you guys involved!

Come and feel some of the boards and get our advice at The Toy Factory Newquay, Monday – Friday 9-5. If you cant make it to Newquay it is probably best to give us a ring on 01637 499912  or failing this, email us at

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