British Nationals 2015 – Who will take the win?

British Nationals 2015 – Who will take the win?

On the eve on the British Nationals, our thoughts have turned to who will win the title of Britons best surfer?

But does it mean what it used to? Does winning a comp with no prize money and no points towards a tour get the best surfers frothing to compete?

The answer is…..Yes!

We can only speak for the surfers we know but those guys want it bad, they want to add their name to a trophy with the rest of the British champions.


Former British Champ Alan Stokes.

Think about the title for a second ‘British Champion’ its cool as fuck. Your in the pub chatting up a lovely and then you bust out “hey ladies, im British champ” Boom, job done.

With the resurgence of Surfing GB the hope is that this continues to grow and grow and that winning the national contest becomes even more sort after with every pro surfer worth his salt wants to be there and wants to win.

With record numbers entered this year seemingly this is the case,  maybe in a few years time as you sit back one hand on the remote,  other clutching a cold beer A small section on the national news will come up regarding who won the British National surfing competition and how they beat the best surfers in the UK to win it.

So to all you surfers out there about to take part, think for a second how sick it would be to say “yeah I’m a British champ”

Good luck to you all. Leave nothing in the tank.


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The British Nationals starts tomorrow