The Burger Monster by Lee Bartlett, its what you need NOW!

The Burger Monster by Lee Bartlett

The Burger Monster by Fourth Surfboards and shapes by Lee Bartlett is your go to board when the waves aren’t great and you want something super easy to surf, with performance at its core the Burger Monster makes the most out of weak surf and ups your wave count in any session.

Lee Bartlett designed this model with summer slop in mind for his own surfing but has ended up with something that every surfer can relate to when it comes to happy surf times. Kept simple it gets you loads of waves, goes very fast and still allows you to move it around and put your own spin on what ripping is!

So there’s the official review on The Burger Monster. It’s what you want NOW with a summer flat that feels like its gone on foreeeeeeeeeeeever. Get this puppy in your quiver and have more fun than every other wave starved surfer in the land.

Paddle past the longboards and SUP crew smiling as you go knowing that when you glide passed that fat 40 year guy on a longboard and throw a buckets over his face there all going to say

“hey whats that guy riding”

Paddle back, splash water that their faces again and say, I’m on Burger Monster you fools they eat Burgers for breakfast. So get off you 9ft piece of poo and get yourself the only summer craft you’ll ever need again.

Please note we don’t condone this behaviour  (well maybe a little bit)