Cheer up, its Autumn….

Cheer up, its Autumn….

So yep, its colder. Yep, it’s raining and YES it is pumping…. Cheer up, it’s Autumn. As our illustrious leader tell us everyday here at the Toy Factory “you cant have your cake and eat it” which when i’ve brought my own cake in and he eats isn’t so true but in Autumns case it works very well.

We’re all dusting off our winter suits in anticipation of the ever gaining march that is winter but the surf has been epic and will continue to pump. So you cant have it all, take it on the chin and man the fook up.

Check out this swell for example…… Its one that that with offshore winds (at the moment its looking that way) will light up most of the North coast of Cornwall and Devon.

Its still warm enough that you haven’ t got slip into boots and hood just yet and you can still pull on a 3:2 and get away with it. But make the most of it, that light flexible summer suit is soon to be relegated the back of the boot, fence in garden or the garage floor until May of next year.

Less about the cold, lets talk more about the surf, its our favourite time of year, the swells are consistent the winds are usually good (not as much we’d like) and after a summer of flatness the banks are plentiful.

It’s also a time when you can get your pride and joy good wave board out that hasn’t moved all summer or get your self a newbie.

This year the team and us here at the Factory are all going for the new shovel, Here’s a bit about the Shovel from the Shaper Luke Hart.

The outline was taken from a Mad Fresh. Straight away we added curve through the middle of the plan shape, to get the board turning easier and feeling a little more free when the waves are weak, to combat the loss of drive from this we straightened out the tail rocker line and deepened the single concave slightly, as well as maintaining the straighter rail line of the back end with a wider tail.

The tail pulls into squash/thumb combo, this means the base width is pretty wide so the board is very stable when flat but its pulled around softly into a thumb edge which gives the board a little more hold when driving the tail through a big hack.

The double straight through the back end offers rail to rail sensitivity you wont find on another board of this width and volume, rails are the boxy shortboard type, this is to keep the board planing on top of the water, they are lower than you would expect on a board of this volume, this is to enable the rails to cut water at speed so you do still maintain that shortboard feel to it on the face of the wave.

The nose rockers are again straightened and lowered a touch to engage more board in the water, this helps keep the board fast in weaker waves, when paddling and when you’re gaining momentum, by no means is this thing flat though, it still holds in a pocket in indo.

Due to the decreased length you can get away with, this board just loves the pocket. every now and then as a shaper you hit a design that you know defines a time in your career, this board for me is my new take on the progressive shortboard, we have hit the ground running and will be looking to improve and refine shapes from this model for years to come, excited is an understatement.

All the team have them and all the team have told me its the best board they have ever had, that just hasn’t happened before, usually the different styles prefer different boards and shapes but this thing has brought everyone to the same conclusion. we are on to something…