The City Slicker by Art Of Trim

The Art of Trim, City Slicker

The City Slicker by Art of Trim is the cool guy of the Art of Trim range, he’s a rad dude that always comes dressed in his finest and looking dapper. The ladies love him the geeza’s want to be him.

But it’s not just a show pony who talks the talk in the pub then sits on the beach when the surf gets good. The city slicker does the biz in the sea.

With and outline thats better than Beyonce the slicker provides a board that will allow you to surf with ease and a fluid style, volume in the right spots so its easy to paddle and catch tons of waves but will allow you to put it on rail when all the lads watch you fly down the line and cruz into a curren esc cut back.

Fun in a lot of conditions from 2ft fun days to those bigger pumping surfs where speed is your friend the slicker will be a epic.

With one off resin tints, and hand shaped its a a craft that you will want to have for a very long time.

Go check it out now at Down The Line Surf Shop in Hayle.