Custom order your next Surfboard with the man who makes it

Luke Hart - Fourth Surfboards

Custom order your next surfboard from the man who makes it.


Sounds like the thing to do, doesn’t it? There are obvious benefits to ordering your surfboards from the man who makes it.  The guy who will shape and generally oversee the whole process of your new board being made. Thats not to say that a shop or online isn’t a great place to buy your new stick. If the stock dimensions, spray and fin system works for you then as they say “If the glove fits, wear it”

But when your not sure what thickness to have,  you can’t decide between 2 1/4 and 2 1/2, you want some funky art work and your after a bit of advise from the man who has shaped the board around 500 times then the factory is the place to go.

So whats the first step:

Know what your after? Not really, if you have no clue or you cant decide then thats a great time to come up as the shaper may have a completely new idea you have never thought of. He may have a secret nugget of a file sat on his computer for a team rider that could be exactly what you were after but never knew it.

Bring your existing boards. This is a top tip, bring up what your riding now, tell us what is wrong, what is right and want your looking for in your new stick. The shaper and the sales team see these models everyday and they know them inside out. So they will instantly know what is the best board to suit you, if you can bring up some point of reference thats a great way up the success rate of your new board.

Don’t be Barry big balls. No one really cares how good you surf, if your the next kelly or if you have never done a turn the key is to be honest with the shaper. Its not a bad thing to say ” I’m not the best surfer, i just love surfing and want to get better” If you make out your a top pro you’ll get a pro board which will be too small for you and you will hate every minute you surf on it. Be honest and leave ego at the door and we will get you the board that will make you fall in love surfing every time you hit the sea.

Commit. Its really easy to loose your bottle and be un decided about what board to choose, listen to the shaper and go with your gut feeling, you’ll usually be right and end up with exactly what you want.

Patience is a vertue. Custom boards take around 4 weeks to make. If it’s the right board for you 4 weeks wont hurt it will just make it all the more sweet when it turns up at your doorstep.

Artwork – It’s your board you might as well make it look the nuts. From sprays to resin tints, posca pens, decals, gloss polish finishes. The list is endless but were here to help with a huge back catalogue so there is bound to be something the at tickles your fancy.

Bring Beer –  An Australian tradition really but we like it. When you pick up your board bring the boys at the factory a little drop. I guarantee the next board you order will come out in much less than 4 weeks with the thought of beer at the end.

The experience – Ordering a surfboard should be fun, your not buying insurance of a new sofa. Its an epic Toy that will give you hours of fun. The best part about custom ordering  a board is that your buying it from a person, someone who surfs, knows the feeling of wanting to get a new board, knows what you mean when you talk about what you want from your new stick. More importantly wants to get you the right board, not to make sell but because we are stoked when you come back in a week and say “this is the best board i’ve ever had” and thats why we do it.

So if the glove fits, epic. Head to our stockists they know their stuff inside and out and they can also custom order the board then and there. But if your after a chat with the guy with tools then swing up to the factory. Meet the team, have a look around and leave with a board designed and made just for you.