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The journey starts here. Go through the all the steps that we use in production to ensure you get the exact board you want…..

 Custom Surfboard Builder by Toy Factory Surfboards – Create your new surfboard today.

Welcome to the custom Surfboard Builder by Toy Factory Surfboards. Order your next custom surfboard here. Choose between all of our brands, choose the board you want, the size and dimensions that are right for you, the spray or resin tint you want, the fin set up even where you want the logo’s to be on your new surfboard. Our custom surfboard builder is designed to allow create your new surfboard and tailor it to exactly what you want. Make no comprises and leave with the surfboard that is perfect for you. If you can’t decide what custom surfboard to order, you can contact us to talk you through the board building process. We can help with choosing dimensions and construction. You can call us on 01637 499912 or email at To find our more information on all our surfboards click here. 

The custom surfboard builder by Toy Factory is here to help you see what your surfboard will look before you buy. Change the construction to suit your surfing style and needs, change the spray or take it off altogether. Customise the surfboard dimensions to suit you, height weight and ability. Change the fin setups from a thruster to a quad to a 5 fin. Customise the glassing to your requirements and more. Get playing.


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Not sure what to go for? Then why not try out our speak to the shaper feature, click the contact link and the shaper you’ve selected will call you back and go through the order process with you.


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