Do expensive fins make a difference to your surfing?

Do expensive fins make a difference to your surfing?

Do expensive fins make a difference to your surfing. It’s a question we get asked a lot here when people buy a new board.

It’s a tough question that has a few different answers. This is also just our opinion, we aren’t world wide experts on fin design or construction. This is just how we advise our customers. So hopefully it helps you.

First of all think about your level of surfing. If you buying your first mini mal then chances are a carbon core £96.00 fin set isn’t the one for you. But having the right fin is. If you end up with really small fins this will make the board feel un stable and loose. This wont be a good thing when your trying to stay stable in and on your feet. This means a bigger fin set is better for you and that board choice.

Board choice and waves are a big factor in fin selection. As we just said small fins feel loose and big fins have more drive and stability. This means in certain conditions certain fins will perform better than others. 6-8ft barrels you’ll want bigger fins, 2ft beach break you can get away with a smaller looser fin set up.

But what about the price tag v’s what difference it will make to you? It’s a tough question to answer. Materials, flex patterns, stiffness, template, base, foil all make a difference to your surfing. You will feel these differences and some will help in your performance in the water, some you wont feel and some can mean the difference between the best turn you’ve done and the fin not holding through a turn.

If your a surfer who is starting to do turns and working on your progression more expensive fins will help you. This is where are surfer you can start looking fins and what fin set up is right for you.

Our top tip is FCS NEO glass fins

FCS II - Performer

These fins are great and they are only £60 compared to some sets of fins that can be £90+. The Neo glass fins have a lot more stiffness than the glass flex fins this means less flex and bend in the fin through your turns. So money to performance ratio these are a good buy.

We aren’t pro surfers but can do the odd carve when called upon and we all use these. As surfers ourselves we feel these fins allow us to do everything we want on a wave without hindering performance.

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