Gearoid Mcdaid in more perfect waves in Ireland.

Gearoid McDaid Winter Weekends from Gearoid Mcdaid on Vimeo.

Here’s another great little clip from Gearoid Mcdaid, he’s our man on the ground in Ireland. Ireland is one of the places that once you have been once your always trying to get back there.

There’s another amazing wave around every corner, the line ups are quite and if there guys out there they are a friendly bunch of dudes. It’s cold but it doesn’t even matter as the surf is so good and the Guinness is so cream.

You’ll find yourself not wanting to leave and when you do you will check the chart for there every week hoping you can bag some time off to get back over there and score it all over again.

Gearoid is one of the top surfers ever to come out of Ireland, he’s got amazing technique that as a surfer is a joy to watch from a grom. His rail game is as good as anyones, he knows his way through a tube and stomp huge airs. Have a watch of this little clip and see for yourself.