Get Ready for Summer NOW with a new board.

Get Ready for Summer NOW with a new board.

Burger Fish

The Burger Fish by Fourth Surfboards. 

We spend all winter craving it and then tend to spend the whole time its here complaining there’s no surf. Not this summer. This year it will be different.

NOW, is the time to prepare and get that new summer small wave board on lock down. Here’s a selection of what think we fly in those summer slop conditions.

The Burger Fish by Fourth Surfboards – A small wave miracle, this board will give you tons of volume, tons of speed but is as easy to turn as it is to paddle. The step deck and pinched rails help make this board feel smaller than it is in reality when your surfing it. The deep concaves drive water out the back through the fins giving you speed and drive. In a word its the nuts. Here’s Angus Scotney to prove our point.


The Mini Long by J Leon shapes. mini longThe mini long by J Leon is a longboard in a short board, well kinda. It combines the best of both into one board. The width and ability to nose ride from a longboard and the pivot and turn from a short board. All in one neat package. It also looks the biz and is sure to turn heads as you stroll down the beach.

The Fish Bone by J Leon

  1. fish bone

Retro twinnie meets new school design and interpretation. The Fish Bone is in that same bracket as the Burger Fish by Fourth Surfboards, it combines all the things that make fish’s good and has merged them with shortboard aspects. The winged hip brings the tail in to allow for maximum pivot and turn. The wide nose allows for ease of paddle and plenty of volume under your front foot for speed into and out of those pesky flat sections.

The Reload by Fourth Surfboards

Reload 2016

A revamped look at one of Fourth Surfboards top selling models. The Reload has had a bit of a face lift, new spray, tweaked dimensions and tweaked rockers. The rockers from the Hartichoke another of Fourths tops sellers has made its way into the Reload. The dimensions have been tweaked to make sure the board performs in all sizes and with the addition of the new FCS 2 fin system this is a summer board that means business.

Great for someone who can shred who wants to make sure they get in everyday. The Reload allows for ease of paddle lots of speed and lots of drift, you will throw more tail slides than Mason Ho at Rocky rights on this thing. Equally for the beginner and intermediate surfers the Reload in the bigger sizes is a perfect step down from a mini mal or bigger board.

There’s a few boards to have a think about when thinking summer waves. Get your self the right board and this summer will be a great one. Remember there is never a bad surf only bad equipment choices.

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