How to install and remove FCS II fins

How to install and remove FCS II fins

The FCS II fin system has been out for a few years now, it’s a much improved system from the FCS X2 two tab system, but we get the same question here at Toy Factory most days “How do I put in my fins and how do I get them out” Good question, and there is one pretty simple answer, “It’s hard.”

So we thought we would share our knowledge of the best ways we have found to install and  remove a set of FCS II fins.

  1. First up, clicking the fins in place. This is so important, unless the fins click in place all the way, it’s so easy to loose a fin. At this point it feels like going to break the board or the fin or your hand. Don’t worry you won’t, FCS II fin plugs are installed under the fibreglass so they are very strong. Saying that still be careful you don’t to slip and put a fin through your new board.
This will not click in place. The tab at the front of the fin must be fully pushed to the front of the box.

We like putting the board on the floor (use a towel or rug if it’s a hard floor) This makes it easier to push down on the fin. Push the tab end in first (see pic) get this all the way in if it’s not when you go to push the fin down it won’t fit. Once the the tab is pushed in as far as it will go. You can then push down on the back of the fin until you hear the ‘click’ this means the fin is fully in the box. If you don’t here the click it isn’t in place and will fall out. You may not have pushed the tab all the way in at the front or you may need to use more force to get the fin to ‘click’ into place. Use the pics below to see what is correct and what isn’t.

When the fin is pushed all the way to the front of the box you can now push down on the fin.

Once the fins is installed you ready to surf no screws no fins keys nothing. One point to note, some people like to put a screw in each fin just to make sure your not going to loose a £94 set of brand new fins. It’s hard to take the fins out but if you land on a fin during a surf you can dislodge it from the fin box. It’s then easy for them to fall out. I personally have only lost one fin in four years, when I landed on it after kicking out the back of a wave. A screw would have saved that fin.

So a screw might be a good option if you do lots of airs or you tend to land on your board a lot.

Taking your fins out.

This is where it gets a bit tricky. Taking out FCS II fins is hard. Man, women or child they are a pain in ass to get out. We have found  two ways of taking them out which you go for is up to you.

Method 1

The quick hit from below. Hard on the hands and has potential to go very wrong but seem to work. Get a towel or board sock. Hold onto you board with one arm and with the other (with the towel wrapped around) use your hand to hit the under side of the back of the fin. Hard and quick.

Use a towel (this is just for the purposes of this blog) A hard quick bang from underneath should un click the fin.

Method 2

This is our preferred method in the factory as there is less room for a sliced hand. This is all about making sure the board is on a soft surface before starting. Place the board on the floor on a towel, carpet or grass. Put on arm across the board and grip the fin from the top using the other hand.

Pull the fin towards the nose of the board and up. Sounds a bit weird but it works. Use a towel if needed.

Get a solid grip with one arm and hold the board with the other.
Pull from the top of  fin the towards the nose and up.

There you have it our guide on how to put in and take out FCS II fins. It is hard and you’ll think your about to break your board when putting them in and taking them out. But you won’t (hopefully, ha) A great fin system with lots of good fin options.

Hope this helps y’all.