“I cant duck dive my board I must need a new one” The most common question

“I cant duck dive my board I must need a new one” The most common question

try and duck dive that

Try duck diving that on a 8’0 mini mal

Here’s how it normally goes, surfer walks into a surf shop and say’s “I’m looking for a new board, because I can’t duck mine and can’t get out the back to catch better waves”

Surf shop – “Ok what board do you have”

Surfer – “8’0 minmal”

Surf shop – “Ah, ok”

Surfer “I think I want a 6’0 because then I can duck dive it and get to the better waves”

So here begins the daily conversation, we have this most days of the week, it’s the most common question we get asked as a surfboard manufacturer. I want a smaller board because I can’t duck dive my current board because it’s too big.

The next question we ask is do you catch lots of waves on your current board and enjoy surfing that board. The most common answer is “yes.” Here in lies the dilema of duck diving, learning to surf and the never ending quest for the board that duck dives but also has enough float (volume) so you still keep your wave count high.

Here’s what we suggest and how we try and help our customers.


Some waves you just can’t get under.

  1. Duck diving, like anything in surfing comes with practice and technique. We have team riders and normal every day surfers that we know that can duck dive a longboard at 4ft low tide Fistral (I still get smashed on a 5’10) It takes practice, it’s frustrating and annoying and will piss you off every time you surf. But persevere it will come and you will get better. A 8’0 mini mal is very hard to duck dive, but that doesn’t mean you should change your board.
  2. The reason you like your big board is, it’s right for you. If your at a level where the added volume, length and thickness all help you catch waves, ride the wave for longer and get through those pesky fat sections. The last thing you want to do is change that board for a shorter thinner performance board which will lower your wave count and make you even more frustrated that you now can’t catch any waves. You may get out the back but what’s the point of being there if you now can’t catch any waves.
  3. Some waves you just can’t get under, we’ve all been there. A set’s coming your about to wear the whole set on head, you do your best duck dive and get smashed all the way back to the beach, you are too tired to keep going and it’s surf over. It’s happened before and it will happen again it’s a very annoying very frustrating part of surfing. But you just have to keep trying, keep practicing and one day you’ll dive under that set, get out the back turn around catch the best wave of the day all the way to the beach and all the hours of hard work will be worth it (kind of 🙂 )
  4. There is hope. The shorter wider thicker revolution is your shining light. Packing more volume into a smaller shape means you have ‘more’ chance of duck diving a 6’4 than a 8’0. Take a look at the Chillibean and Reload by Fourth Surfboards. Both these boards pack high volume into shorter boards meaning it’s ‘easier’ to get under waves with these boards. These aren’t a quick fix high volume boards don’t want to go under water easily but its a lot easier than a heavy old bic thats been left in the garage for 10 years.
  5. Keep going, it will come, it will get easier, surfing is the most fun sport in the world but you have to pay your dues and learning to duck dive is one of the dues and this will be you in no time at all 🙂


Adam Griffiths taking the longboard to new heights and depths when it comes to duck diving.