Ireland, Portugal and Canaries with Fourth Surfboards team riders Angus and Gman

Ireland, Portugal and Canaries with Fourth Surfboards team riders Angus and Gman

Ireland, Portugal and Canaries with Fourth Surfboards team riders Angus and Gman. We caught up with Gearoid McDaid and Angus Scotney. They have been having a hell of a winter, hanging out and surfing in Ireland, Portugal and now in the Canaries.

We spoke to them on a lay say waiting for the QS to start.

Q) Morning lads, how are you?

Gman – Ya good just woke up from a nice nap. Haha
Angus – Not bad, you don’t get much sleep when you stay share a room with g man. He snores like a train haha

Q) You have been hanging out and surfing loads this winter, where have you been so far?

Gman- Ya been with Angus for pretty much this whole winter. He’s got his own room in my house now haha. Been pretty much chilling at home getting as barrelled as we can with a couple of strike missions when it gets stormy at home to Portugal Scotland etc

Gearoid Mcdaid

Angus – We have been getting loads of waves around Ireland, Canaries, Portugal, and around the uk.

Q) Where are you at the moment?

Gman – We are in Tenerife right now for a QS but its flat as today so lay day and trying to pass the day.
And trying to stay away from all the parties here this place is mental hahah

Angus – We are in Los americas, Tenerife. Theres lots of old people, cheap beer and tourists but not many waves!

Q) Angus, how do you feel after your biggest achievement so far in 2018, 15 Pastal de nata’s in one sitting

Angus – I’m pretty proud of that, next time I’ll do 20! Your shout tho

Q) You’ve both been trying out the new range, whats your favourite board in the new range?

Gman – Ya the new boards are sick i’ve been surfing my new shanks a lot and have been going sick in every kinda condition. New construction seems sick to haven’t broke any and they’ve been in some heavy waves. Unlike Angus hahahaha.

Angus Scotney

Angus – I’ve almost used all the new range in the last few months. I was so surprised. I have always wanted high performance boards so have never normally looked at the different shapes, just always stuck with the shanks because we have really got them on lock down. I loved the Doofer before she took her own life on take off at Pampa. I thought it was way to big for me it, it was almost 33 L!! But its probably the best board I’ve ever had. Sick in the barrel, good in big and small waves, catches anything so you can get into waves super early. Goes sick on rail too! R.I.P nugget. Also been trying the Reload 2.0 and the Weekend Rockstar on the smaller days. Super fun boards, really fast. Very loose but holds well and goes mental in the air and also fun in steep waves too. I’d say the twin fins are good but the boys still haven’t made me one?? Cough cough

Gearoid Mcdaid

Q) Whats your plans for the rest of 2018?

Gman – My plan for the rest of this year is do a few of the QS comps around Europe with doing strike missions to get as barrelled as possible as well haha. Then hopefully this summer might go south Africa for a few months and try score some waves down there again and do a few comps.

Angus – My plans for 2018 are to hopefully make a lit edit, do a few comp maybe. Dunno we will see what happens

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