The Lady Boy by Juan Leon Montanes

The Lady Boy by Juan Leon Montanes

Juan Leon Montanes is our resident in house Mr Spain. After leaving his homeland for a the shores of Cornwall, Juan started here at the Toy Factory as the ding guy. With a passion for surfing and a desire to shape, he was pretty quick to move out of the that room into the shaping bay.

Taught the tricks of the trade by the Toy Factory owner Luke Hart and Fourth shaper Lee Bartlett, he had a good starting point to make some cool boards.

Here’s his latest creation, the Ladyboy.  It looks so much fun for our waves, plenty of volume under the chest and front foot, pulled in tail to allow for tail throwing when needed and concaves that going to make you go faster than john john (maybe not)

As an all round board to use in tons of conditions that looks good enough to sleep next to on a cold winters night  this bad boy from J Leon Shapes is one to add to your quiver.

In stock now at Toy Factory Surfboards.

Lets get TECK….

The ladyboy is created as an all in one quiver.

. This board has a wider nose than a normal board, providing a really nice stable ride, awesome paddle, paddle efficiency and smooth takes off.

The tail is a round pin with a single through the middle of the board and double to Vee off the tail with a flat Vee on the nose helping the wide nose breaking the water as a boat hull.

The secret of this board is the rocker. It’s really low in the nose and tail which will help with take off transitions. You will gain extra speed off the take off with control. Enjoyment is the name of the game with the Ladyboy and this board will please you in all conditions!