Make your own surfboard at The Toy Factory Surfboards

Learn how to make your own surfboards with the professionals.

Have you ever wanted to make your own surfboard? But not sure how, or where to start. Then come and see the professionals here at Toy Factory Surfboards.

When you arrive we give you a full tour of the factory, explaining how every process works, from shaping, spraying, fin instalment to sanding and laminating.

You then jump into the shaping bay where one of our top shapers help you shape your own surfboard. They will go through all the technical aspects of the shaping process.

Once you’ve shaped and signed your very own surfboards, you can add your very own design in the art room with top surfboards artist KE artwork.

Then its off to the fin room to install either  FCS II or Futures fins. Once the fins are in then its off to the laminating room to have a look at how are boards are glassed.

You’ll then be given your very own goodie bag with a bunch of Fourth and Toy Factory goodies. We then finish your board and it will be delivered to you ready to surf.

If your interested in making your own surfboard or know someone who would love it as a present. Get in touch with us on and we will get straight back to you.

or call us on 01872 572 932