MATUNGOU – The 4th Surfboards team first feature film

MATUNGOU – The 4th Surfboards team first feature film

Angus Scotney

Angus Scotney,  young dumb and full off……. airs.  – pic by Roger Sharp

The Fourth team is one of the most successful surfboard teams in the UK. Amongst the ranks you have more British and English titles than you shake a big bloody stick at.

More covers, double page spreads, 10,000 + view videos and likes than you know what to do with. So when you put them all together in the Mentawai’s for 10 days you would hope for some fireworks.

This is what we did, we took Alan Stokes, Oli Adams, Tom Butler, Adam Griffiths, Angus Scotney, Lee Bartlett, Gearoid Mcdaid, Tassy Swallow Corinne Evans, Emily Williams and Mitch Corbett to the land camp of Matungou.

The London Surf Film Festival will play host to the premier of this first ever feature film by Fourth Surfboards on Saturday 17th at 9pm. Head over to the LSFF website to get tickets and check all the other amazing films being shown over the two weekends.