Performance Board Chat with Fourth Surfboards ‘Luke Hart’

With a fresh new batch of performance boards coming out of the Fourth Surfboards factory just in time for the autumn season. We thought it would be a good time to do a Q&A with master shaper ‘Luke Hart’ to get a bit of an insight into what new boards the team riders are going for. And maybe a point in the right direction if you’re thinking of getting a new performance board for the coming autumn/winter season.

Q1/ So Luke… the new performance boards are looking fresh to say the least; Who are they for?

 It’s been a mix of team riders and custom orders. I’m pretty sure all of these bad boys are going to Ireland. 

 Q2/ What different features are standard for each rider?

Well we have actually made the two 5’9 1/2s from an old model we made a few years ago. They are for small wave performance in comps. They feature wider templates and more foam through the deck for a bit more stability and easier turning radius at slower speeds but keep all the rocker and tail shape of a good wave board so the transition onto these from his shortboard will be automatic. The other boards are all good wave boards and all rounders for anything better than a ‘standard day of waves’ .

Q3/ Any new features you’ve incorporated into this batch?

Lots a tweaks etc in design just to maximise certain aspects of the designs for each particular type of wave. So flex, speed and hold all have slightly different ratios. This is done with the construction mainly but also some variations in curves.

Q4/ Are they epoxy or PU?

A proper mix. I would say 70% pu and 30% epoxy.

Q5/ Generally, do the team riders go through more epoxy or PU boards?

Deffo pu. In order to really maximise the pu flex and feel you have to make the boards with less glass. That’s just how it is. They tend not to have as long a life span as the epoxies because of this. 

Q6/ Do the team riders stick to the stock models, or do they have their own unique shapes?

Well the majority of the high performance boards we have in our range are designed with the team but they will have slight tweaks from the original designs. All in all though they ride the models. Gman basically rides the exact stock shank as his go to board in his own dimensions.