Pimpin aint easy!!! Toy Factory Surfboards x Glitter = Eye candy

Pimpin aint easy!!!

Toy Factory  x Glitter = Eye candy

Sometimes a custom surfboard can be a daunting prospect. Even more so when the ‘glitter’ is involved.

We love custom orders, we love making something new and trying out new designs. So we the guys at Freshly Squeezed ordered this we could wait to get stuck in.

With our new tint master  Andy from Seduction surfboards at the helm we knew this board was going to look amazing.

We weren’t prepared for how good it was going to look.

Here’s some tech talk on how we created this board. We stated with a cut lap opaque resin tint using silmar resing and hexcel fibreglass cloth, we then add orange pigment to the mix with added glitter (this bit is a secret so we cant tell you any more 😉 ) the board is then laminated using the resin, pigment and glitter mix. After this the board goes up to the sanding area, where we use 100% sand finish and take the board to a 1500 sand finish before the final polish to leave the board with no scratches or marks.

Our team of craftsmen take pride in every board we make here at The Toy Factory. We use the best materials to make sure that when you buy a board from us you know that your getting the best.

For all enquiries call us on 01637 499912 or email on toyfactorysurfboards@gmail.com