Political artwork by KE surfboard art and Fourth Surfboards

Surf more, work less.

We’ve just finished a board for a customer with some amazing artwork. Its by a street artist (i’ve forgotten his name) but the meaning behind it, at least the meaning we have taken from it is one that we all should do more.

Does the pursuit of money and material possessions keep you chained to a job and a lifestyle that makes you un happy? Sometimes it can feel that way, and all you do is work to make money to buy things that you don’t really need. So surf more, work less.

Easy to say, less easy to do. Most of us (including us) would love nothing more than to surf as much as the pro’s not have to worry about paying bills etc etc.

But surf as much as you can, it always makes you feel better, its active so there for good for you and best of all its FREE. Well except from new boards, wetsuits etc. But its mostly free.

On that note, lets go surfing. Oh wait there’s work to be done. 😉 The conundrum continues.