Ryan Lovelace shaping at Toy Factory Surfboards

We had Californian shaper Ryan Lovelace with us last week as part of his #shapetasticvoyage. Ryan (as you can see above) shapes all his boards by hand. No machine cuts, all by eye and templates. It great to see him work, the man gets through some serious boards. He waves averaging between 6-8 boards a day all by hand, THAT GOOD GOING.

His designs and shapes are unique and his style is true california cool, shapes you want to ride with tints that would make anyone look cool running down the beach.

Not only can the man shape he’s also a cool guy, he even got sample the best surf we’ve had in ages tucking into a few of the south coast reefs on Saturday before heading off to Ireland to continue on the voyage.

Some of the boards Ryan shaped will be available to buy direct from Down the Line in Hayle. If your interested and want to see them in the flesh drop in have a chat with the DTL guys and get your hands on them.

We will be putting up a whole gallery on our face book page of Ryan’s time with us so head over and check it out.