Second hand cheap surfboards

Second hand cheap surfboards

Second hand cheap surfboards

Toy Factory Surfboards offer second hand cheap surfboards from our Surfboard Sale section. 2nd hand surfboards used by our professional surfer team. Our 2nd hand surfboards are all ding free and ready to surf.

Once checked they are added to our surfboards sale ready for you to pick up a bargain. Boards for Alan Stokes, Oli Adams, Adam Griffiths and more are available from Toy Factory Surfboards.

We also have a large selection of factory 2nds surfboards. Surfboards that have minor cosmetic defects that we cannot send to our stockists or sale for full price. The defects are all cosmetic and do not affect performance.

Here’s a selection of boards we have for sale right now.

Fourth surfboards reload 2.0

fourth surfboards doofer - 5'8

fourth surfboards - reload 2.0 ese