Shape your own Surfboard

Shape your own Surfboard

Shape your own Surfboard

Shape your own Surfboard here at Toy Factory Surfboards. One of the best things a surfer can do is shape their own surfboard. It’s a great experience and one that every surfer should do at least once.

Shaping your own surfboard allows you to learn all the intricate details of how your surfboard works. Shaping your board will allow you to better understand how that board works and help you to understand what you are feeling when surfing your new board.

Order your next surfboard and shape it yourself with Toy Factory Surfboards.


Order your Surfboard

Luke Hart – One of our in house shapers who will guide you through the shaping day.

Ordering the board you want to shape 

If you are not sure what board to order then we are here to help. We will guide you through the ordering process, from what the model, size and construction. Call us or email us on 01637 499912 or on We will have your custom board cut and ready to shape when you arrive. The board you shape will be finished by our team and shipped to you within 3-4 weeks after your shaping day.

Shape your own Surfboard here at Toy Factory

The Shaping experience

Don’t worry we aren’t just going to let you loose in the shaping bay on a £500 surfboard and let you shape it down to a tooth pic. Our shapers will be with you the whole time, guiding and talking you through each process. When you arrive at the Toy Factory, we will give you a guided tour of how a surfboard is made with an in-depth look at each process. From fins, glassing, sanding and more we will show you how your board will be finished.

Once we have shown you around it’s time to get started. You will be given all the PPE to make sure you are safe while here at our factory. Then it’s shaping time. The shapers will show how to take your CNC’d blank and turn it into a surfboard. This will take around 2 / 2.5 hours from start to finish.

By hand, you will flatten the cutting lines, shape in the rails, template and shape the nose and tail, add the concaves and add the fin markings.



Once the board is shaped and signed you will get the chance to add your own artwork (artwork dependent) This can also include resin tinting your board. If you want to add a foam spray or add a rein tint to your custom order this can be done by you on the same day as you shape your board. This means not did you shape your new board but you did the artwork and even glassed it.

All under the supervision of our skilled team who will guide you through each step.


Shaping days start from £599 this includes, the finished board delivered or collected from Toy Factory Surfboards, The factory tour, Shaping of your custom surfboard, artwork added to your board. Choose your board here. 

Want to know and book your shaping day. Get intouch at or call us on 01637 499912 or come and see us at

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