Luke Hart

Luke Hart

Working with nearly all the top pros in the UK. His boards have helped guys win many national titles. Including: British, English, and Irish titles, as well as UK Pro Tour wins and junior titles. Luke Hart is also the only British shaper with international pros riding his boards. The likes of Glen Hall and Nic Muscroft have achieved some of their best results on the World Tour aboard Luke’s craft.

Luke Hart ’s passion and drive lie in creating progressive surfboards so surfers can have fun with their surfing. Pushing the own performance.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or a committed weekend warrior. He works closely with his team to produce an extensive model range.  A lot of time is spent on the beach filming. Watching his guys surf and then putting the knowledge and ideas into a range capable of matching the many faces of the ocean. Luke has worked on tow boards for 30ft waves in Ireland to 1ft slop in North Cornwall.  Make sure you are catching waves, having fun and pushing the limits of your own ability. Because for Luke, that is what its all about!

As enthusiastic with his team as he is with anyone who orders a board. Luke’s main goal is to keep the surfers smiling by doing what he enjoys: making great surfboards!

Luke Hart shapes now available on Fourth.


Luke Hart



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