fourth surfboards custom - 5'8

Fourth Surfboards Custom – 5’8

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Fourth Surfboards Custom – 5’8

Fourth Surfboards Custom – 5’8 x 18 1/8 x 2 1/8 – FCS II no fins inc

Fourth Surfboards Custom – 5’8 in ESE (epoxy) construction. This is a great small wave short board, perfect comp board or good wave board for groms or smaller surfers. Light, strong and whipy this board is great in small to medium sized waves. Based on the ET Fresh.

More information on the ET Fresh

The E.T. Fresh

New to the range, the E.T. Fresh is a high performance shortboard built with every intention of allowing you to push your own limits in fun waves. The E.T Fresh is a current representation of what high performance surfing is; more hold in the pocket, with the ability to flare you style at any given chance on the wave. It’s the natural progression of a high performance surfboard – enabling not just airs and rotations but tighter radius turns in the pocket to really push the limit of high performance surfing.

The E.T Fresh has a bullet like outline with softer curves through the centre of the board, a slight hip in the tail and a slightly pulled in squash tail shape, this accentuates the pivot through turns in the pocket or out the lip and the more drawn out turns on the face of the wave when on rail. As for the rocker, it has a curvy medium high tail rocker for hold right in the pocket and a drawn out medium high rocker through the nose. Relative to other Fourth models, the entry rocker is high but it’s not super high compared to other boards on the market, this combination will contradict the curve of the outline beautifully to offer more control whilst engaging more board in the water for down the line drive.

Hard off the bottom turning and a lot of forward momentum will always be the main elements in high performance surfing. The key is in the control and the E.T. Fresh gives you ultimate control to manipulate the board to access the wave’s power and harness that power through maneuvers.

The concaves are a touch deeper than a more conventional shortboard shape; single concave through the nose to the back of the tail, with a double running behind the side fins and through the rear fin into a light vee. The idea of the concave is to give you plenty of lift in the water for speed, whilst offering a track for you to lean on when applying torque at high speeds. The rails are 60/40 with boxy features up until the centre of the outline, this is to stop traction at lower speeds in order to whip through turns in a range of conditions starting at knee height when needed.

The fin set up is that of a standard shortboard to offer maximum drive and torque on carves and hacks and the foil of the board is also streamlined to offer sensitivity and control at higher speeds.


  • Outline: High performance bullet shape shortboard, leaning toward forward drive and grind on rail
  • Tail Shape: Squash with hip just above fins
  • Concave: Deep single throughout with vee out the back
  • Rocker: Plenty of curve throughout with higher tail and nose
  • Rails: 60/40 performance rails
  • Fin Set-Up: Traditional shortboard thruster 3-fin set up (fins not included)
  • Volume: Low, no foam where it doesn’t need to be
  • FCS II fin box set up

5’8 x 18 1/8 x 2 1/8 – FCS II no fins inc