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6’4 x 21 1/8 x 2 7/8      43.7L

The stunning Form Flow Stik surfboard brings some performance to the mid-length market place.

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6’4 x 21 1/8 x 2 7/8      43.7L


this is an original flowstik not a flowstik mini! The reason for reduced price is a factory defect as the wrong logo was put on. Nothing wrong with the board other than the flowstik mini logo so grab an absolute bargain!!

Some more info on the Form Flowstik…


The stunning Form Flow Stik surfboard brings some performance to the mid-length market place.

Just as happy cruising ankle snappers as it is carving sizeable swells, the Flow Stik is a very responsive board with a curvy outline, lower rocker and gentle vees that transition into subtle spiral concaves out through the fins for exceptional hold and forgiveness through the rail, especially at lower speeds.

This beautiful board paddles as well as it surfs and seems to levitate whether you’re on your feet or digging deep to out-paddle the mob. The Flow Stik is the ultimate freesurfing machine, a greedy wave catcher that you can surf from out-back to the beach.

Alan Stokes says: “For me, the flow stick is about connectivity to the wave. Not so much up and down surfing but fluid rail to rail surfing with continuous lines. Just linking everything together in a non stop movement from start to finish of the wave. Don’t get me wrong I can fully surf it off the tail but that rail line just makes you want to grind the rails through swooping cutbacks and off the tops with continuous movement and speed. It’s an awesome feeling to stay high up on the wave and just glide through turns whenever you want to wash off speed”.

If you’re looking for an effortless surfboard that catches everything you paddle for and can still flow from rail to rail….you’ve found your dream surfboard in the Flow Stick. Get it sized right and you’ll become inseparable whether its 1ft or 8ft the board is unflappable.