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Fourth Surfboards – SHANK in FLEXLITE construction – 5’8 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/4″ – FUTURES thruster setup, no fins included

Custom sprayed rails

2nd* hand from shaper Lee Bartlett, ridden 3 waves maximum

Features of the Shank by Fourth Surfboards

  • Tail Pulled in swallow tail
  • Template Performance fish / teardrop shape, for performance surfing.
  • Rider ability: Intermediate to Pro
  • Traditional polyester construction 2 x 4 Oz glass on the deck, 1 x 4oz glass on the bottom

Overview:Speed, drive, mobility and flare. From small to good waves, the Shank one of the best all-round shortboard models we have ever done.

Tech concept: So the Shank in terms of design is fairly simple, it has a single concave running straight through from nose to tail, medium rocker and a tear drop outline which offers slightly more curve through the lower half than standard shortboard templates on offer today. This curve in the back half gives the board plenty of pivot off of the tail which makes it super responsive. The nose is pretty wide which balances out the stability/sensitivity ratios, meaning the board will keep its mobility at lower speeds and its freedom on rail without bogging or sliding out at higher speeds.

The balance between the nose width and tail width is key to the effortless carves and rail surfing you can achieve on the Shank. The rails are that of a standard shortboard in shape and thickness with harder edges slightly higher up to offer a nice platform through bottom turns and plenty of release through top turns. The rail and hard edge compliment the wider swallow tail beautifully. The Shank offers you a high performance all-rounder that transcends styles, wave conditions, and ability levels, and it has been well tested and refined after listening to the feedback we have had from our diverse roster of team riders.

Who Should Ride This Board?:Riders looking for an all-round high performance board that is fast, drivey and is as comfortable in the air as it is on rail. Take it from our team; this thing is the best all round high performance short board we have ever made.

How Do The Team Ride This Board?: Everyone on our team uses the Shank and loves it. Top Irish ripper Gearoid Mcdaid (5’8”, 72kg) and Alan Stokes (5’7”, 70kg) ride the Shank in a stock size 5’7”. Big wave surfer and all round shredder Tom Lowe is 5’9” and 76kg and rides the stock 5’10” Shank with 28.5 litres of volume.

FLEXLITE Construction

The Flex-Lite construction ticks all the boxes from strength, flex, control, feel, weight and most importantly, versatility. When it comes to understanding flow, drive, control and speed, Fourth looked at flex patterns and torque levels at different speeds. The aim was to ensure that you can load up and release energy through turns using the curves of your surfboard that will keep your rails engaged with the face of the wave. The versatility of the Flexlite construction is unrivalled in performance.


The core of the blank is super-fused EPS, which has two high density polyester flex controllers running through it. These act as integral dampeners when powering through turns, adding control, and taking away some of the natural float of an out-and-out EPS core board.The flex controllers are angled from tail to nose, at the same tow as the side fins. This loads the torque directly towards your fins through turns, meaning at lower speeds, your projection will carry you with effortless glide, and at higher speeds, you can load up and accelerate out.


When the board is laminated it happens in a heat controlled environment using ‘resin research’ epoxy resin.

‘Resin research’ epoxy is ground breaking stuff, not only is it over 40% bio content it is also the strongest, lightest and brightest epoxy on the market. It isn’t just safer to use and better for the environment, it is also the best performing resin we could get our hands on. Given the characteristics of the foam and the resin, this surfboard as a product uses less resin per foot than standard construction surfboards, meaning the weight is further reduced. It all plays a part in why this construction method is so special.


Hexel S-glass fibre glass is used to laminate the board along with the epoxy resin. S-glass is pound for pound the strongest woven 4oz cloth available on the market. Offering up to 4x more tensile strength than other available cloths on the market. As standard we apply two layers of s-glass to each side of the board. The strength to weight ratio really is amazing – All the while gaining flex recoil instead of having a stiff, non flexing, pop out feel like some EPS epoxy sandwich construction surfboards have.

Finally the board is heated in a hot box over night at 35 degrees, this ensures curing times are sped up during the first 72 hours of the board’s life. Heat is a really important factor when using epoxy resins, the right temperatures must be maintained in order to exploit the epoxies characteristics.


Once the board has been in the hot box, we apply a 100% sand finish to the board which we believe is the strongest and lightest method to finish a surfboard. This finishing process is standard on all of our boards and is a testament to our factory staff that they can use this finish on our epoxy boards as well. Flatter sanding, sharper edges and resin gloss give these boards the Ferrari finish they deserve.

*Usually denotes a minor blemish or construction error which has been repaired to a “as good as new” standard of finish and often comes with a unique spray or colour variation.