Form Surfboards - High Line 5'4

Form Surfboards – High Line 5’4

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Form Surfboards – High Line 5’4

Form Surfboards – High Line 5’4 x 19 1/4 x 2 5/16

Form Surfboards – High Line 5’4 made for Form team rider and designer Alan Stokes.

The board is good condition with some pressure dents on the deck. There is a small repair on the tail repaired by us here at Toy Factory.

Small wave fun, easy wave catching and a great all-round surfboard for maximum wave riding, without sacrificing performance.  Stay ahead of the crowds and excel in weak surf on this magic little board.

All the curves in all the right places, a rounded wide pin tail gives you sensitivity off the tail with extra foam under chest giving you a forgiving, stable board that performs and rides with ease.

The stubbed nose gives you an extended rail line and hidden volume for that paddling edge without having to go to a long board. You can really put this thing in tight pockets on waves and always make the most of the waves you your riding. Speed and flow are what this board brings to your surfing, add that to the fun and freeing feeling this board gives you and you will be smiling all day!

Single to double throughout the bottom with a slight vee out the tail offers a smooth forgiving turning radius and the ability to avoid rail catches before they become an issue.

5 fins give you the option to choose from quad speed and drive or ultimate thruster control and vertical performance.

Alan say’s: Oh my……. This thing flys!! It’s just perfect for those day’s when it’s small but you just wanna get in there, stay super busy in between longboarders and catch lots of waves!

It’s free feeling and fast but sensitive enough on the tail for critical performance surfing in the pocket. You can also just cruise down the line as soon as you get to your feet and style it out.

I love just playing about, seeing what I can
get out of it especially when the waves are that bit slopey and you are struggling to find decent

For me it just opens up average waves to always get the most out it. You can pretty much guarantee you will have speed to style out turns. Plus with the added hidden volume you can easily paddle into waves early maximising your wave count and that always equals fun!

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