The Stash by Art of Trim

The Stash by Art Of Trim


The Stash is the dedicated Grom board by Art Of Trim, built to shred and look the part it’s a must have for any young rip shredder out there.

Volume through the mid point to give ease of paddle, speed when ripping and ease of catching tons of waves off your old man.

The mini swallow will  give you the longest rail length of any tail shape. So make sure your using it learning on rail turns that fanning would be proud of.

Single to double concave = speed and power through the FCS II thruster set up.

Rad art work by KE Surfboard art will not only make you look cool as a cucumber walking down the beach and posing in your fluro suit but is quoted by the one and only OCCY that ‘fluro creates performance” he said it no us.

All available from Down the line Surf Shop