Summer + more volume = More fun

Summer + more volume = More fun

The Burger Monster by Fourth Surfboards

Summer + more volume = more fun.

It’s no secret that in weaker, smaller summer waves more volume is a easy fix to keep surfing fun. But which board is the one for you?

There’s a fine line between too little and too much volume and varying shapes hold volume and foam in different ways.  In this little section we will break down our summer boards and give you a bit more insight into what you should be riding this summer.

First up….. The Burger Monster by Fourth Surfboards.

Fourth Surfboards - Burger Monster

The Burger Monster is your go to board when the waves aren’t great and you want something super easy to surf, with performance at its core the Burger Monster makes the most out of weak surf and ups your wave count in any session.

Lee Bartlett designed this model with summer slop in mind for his own surfing but has ended up with something that every surfer can relate to when it comes to happy surf times. Kept simple it gets you loads of waves, goes very fast and still allows you to move it around and put your own spin on what ripping is! Check out the video

In essence this is ultimate summer board. It is high volume and quite disc like so if your a surfer who wants a bit more chunk but still wants to batter sections when they come your way we have a few for you as well.

The Hartichoke by Fourth Surfboards


Fourth Surfboards - Hartichoke

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“I’m not the best surfer in the water, or even close, but I do love surfing and want to surf like the pros! But I don’t, so catching as many waves as I can and trying to bust out when I get a section is what I’ve built this board for….. it goes in all surf and I am having a lot of fun on it… as are the team now they have stolen it off me!”
Luke Hart

The Hartichoke is a board that deals with the priorities of intermediate surfing in less than perfect waves whilst maintaining the performance aspects for those wanting to be a better surfer. We all want to rip and shred like the pros but some of us need to paddle in quicker, go faster through flat sections and have stability under foot before we can try slamming the fins out the back or busting out a man hack.

What about something a bit more playful. This next board is for the open minded surfer.

The Bettsy by Fourth Surfboards

Taking the novelty out of a retro twin fin was the plan Tom Butler came to me with; how can we make it more fun as well as progressive? The Bettsy is the end result. An instant winner with everyone who’s had a go on it. This is a must have for anyone who wants a load of fun on something a bit different this summer.


Fourth Surfboards - Bettsy

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Designed start to finish with Tom, the Bettsy is maybe one of the funnest boards I’ve made and tested out along the way. It’s really really quick, super easy to paddle and comes ridiculously tight off the bottom with so much zing. You can ride it as a twinny, a 2+1 or a thruster so the possibilities are endless it just depends on your style and mood really. It’s a totally unique little board that will give you more fun rides per surf than you can imagine. Any waves, any surfer, any where, any time the Bettsy will get you cruising for hours, styling your nut off and putting your own stamp on how she should be ridden!