Surfboard constructions at Toy Factory Surfboards

Surfboard constructions at Toy Factory Surfboards
Surfboard constructions at Toy Factory Surfboards. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading factories in Europe for using new and innovative constructions on our surfboards. Over the past seven years, we have worked hard on creating and perfecting our various constructions. Here are the Surfboard constructions at Toy Factory Surfboards

PU Surfboards

Our PU construction boards we feel are the best around. Our combination of the best materials and top level surfboard builder combine to create an amazing product we are very proud of. Using a US blank, Silmar resin, Hexcel cloth, genuine FCS fins, 100% dry sand finish there is no hiding or trickery on our boards just well made surfboards.

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Epoxy Surfboards

Our epoxy surfboard range has been our fastest growing product of last four years. The improvement in Epoxy Surfboards has been huge. We use a superfused US epoxy blank, resin research epoxy resin to create a light strong epoxy surfboard. Find out more here

Flexlite Surfboards

Our very own construction method. Using epoxy and a high-density poly urethane foam combination flexlite surfboards are light, strong and feel more like a traditional PU board with all the benefits of the epoxy. Find out more here

F1X Surfboards

Our strongest construction to date. We used aircraft grade fibreglass combined with a stringerless epoxy blank to create a surfboard that is light, has a natural flex pattern and is super strong. If you are looking for a board that will last, a surfboard that is responsive but has the same natural feel of your current board F1X is for you. Find out more here  

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