The Doofer – The one board quiver

The Doofer – The one board quiver

Its coming into winter, the days are shorter its a little chilly but the waves are pumping. Its now time to think about what to surf through the better part of the year.

The Doofer is your go to board. The board that will do it all and handle anything winter can throw at it. If its 2ft, lumpy, bumpy and generally not very good. The Doofer will have you catching every wave, flying through flat spots and when a section does appear you will have the drive and speed to whack it with all your might.

On those odd days when it all comes together, the winds are good the swell piling in and you can get to your favourite spot on low tide ready to tuck into a few tubes. The Doofer will be your best friend, it will hold a tight line through a barrel, it will allow you do the big man hacks you’ve dreamed of and it will smash the end section as you show off to your mates.


Doofer – One Board Quiver from Fourth Surfboards on Vimeo.

Have a look at a few of the team showing us all how its done. But can you watch a video of some of the best UK surfers and it relate to me and you?

So here’s a not very good surfers opinion on the board. As said i’m not the best surfer but I do love to surf as much as I can and try and enjoy every surf. The Doofer means I can catch tons of waves, have the speed I need to try more turns and manoeuvres, basically allow me to enjoy surfs.

The Doofer by Fourth Surfboards also means that I can have one board to surf in all conditions, this means you only have to get used to one board. A much easier task, so when it comes to the day of year your not jumping on a board you surfed 12 months ago, its the same one you surfed you yesterday in 2ft on shore.

If your looking for board that does it all the Doofer by Fourth Surfboards is the one for you.