The In-cut by Seduction Surfboards – A new look at Surfboards

The In-cut by Seduction Surfboards – A new look at Surfboards



The INCUT by Seduction Surfboards

The INCUT is a shape Andy Gale has been fine tuning this shape for half a decade. Hand shaped by Andy, fine tuned and computerised by Luke Hart. The model is finally ready for production.

The volume of a 6’0″ in a 5’0″ board, narrower than your shortboard under your front foot, with a wider tail than your favourite fish, 360? No problem, we chopped the nose off so you spin fast and when you are going backwards you have got a nice square tail to pivot back around.
Hull entry for loads of lift (think aeroplane wing nose) to single concave to triple conc to double conc to spiral vee like all great fish and bonzers, maximum lift and speed but without the drag of the rail line! (Cut the rail off too!)

Fast and loose when you want it, drivey and controlled when you need it, the snowboard style outline makes the board stiffer as conditions get more critical. This is a great all round, take anywhere, do anything board. The first ever production model was featured on board porn, not only does this board ride unreal, it looks as good as it surfs, gloss nose with matte tail, cross bones in gloss, this board is available in a select range of colours. The sleek design, logos and cross bones come from the mind of the one and only Andy Mold aka Demons of Doom Killers. This colab has been years in the making, the results speak for themselves.