The Shank by Fourth Surfboards new for 2016

The Shank by Fourth Surfboards new for 2016

The Shank by Fourth Surfboards has just been released in their new range for 2016. We spoke to Lee Bartlett about the shank and how it came about.

TF) How did the shank make its way into the range for this year

Lee) The shank was something I initially made for myself as a small wave board but it kept doing things i never expected or intended. It works in bigger, hollower condition and is really more of an all round performance shortboard than a small wave board but it still goes amazing in small waves.

Gearoid Mcdaid.

TF) Who’s Riding it?

Lee) Who isn’t, ha. Most if not all the team have one and they all have really enjoyed surfing it. I put Gearoid Mcdaid on it a while back and he surfs his a lot now. Its become his go to board, same with Angus. Stoker had one and got a sick sequence in the new Carve mag on his. Custom orders have been really good as well. Lots of people are coming back to us saying how fast and responsive the board is and how easy it catches waves. It’s good when a model transfers well from the team to us meer mortals.

TF) Epoxy or PU

Lee) Both. We have done it both construction methods and its worked well in both. The E.S.E tech allows for a more durable, lighter, long lasting board. The PU gives that traditional feel that people like. Its a personal preference but we will hopefully be offering in both constructions as stock in the near future.

TF) Should it be ridden smaller than your normal board?

Lee) It’s got plenty of volume so you can get away with dropping a bit of length with the shank. Not as much as a Burger Fish or a board like that but 2-3 inch shorter than a standard shortboard will still leave you with lots of volume. The shank is almost a tear drop shape but the wide point is a bit further forward which helps.

Here’s a short clip of Fourth team rider Gearoid Mcdaid on his shank in the Mentawaii Islands on the Fourth team trip last year. For more info on the shank click here.

The shank from Fourth Surfboards on Vimeo.