Tom Butler heads to California for the WSL Big Wave Awards

Tom Butler heads to California for the WSL Big Wave Awards

It’d not every day that a UK surfer gets nominated amongst the biggest names in the surfing world. But when they surf waves like this as well as Tom does the WSL had to take note.

Tom Butler

This is the wave that got Tom and Irish Photographer Ian Mitchinson the nomination for the Pure Scot Barrel of the year award.

Its a beautiful Mullaghmore barrel that Tom found himself in at the start of winter in Otocber 2015.

Its not only the size that appeals but the colours in the image that make this an amazing photo.

We caught up with Tom a few days before he heads off to California for the awards.

TF: How does feel to even be nominated for this award

Tom: It’s feels amazing, in the UK were not really on the world scene radar so for me and Ian to get nominated is a really big deal.

TF: Do you think you will win

Tom: I’m not sure, I would love to win but there is some amazing barrels in there with me and its a tough category.

TF: Whats you plans for when your out in Cali

Tom: I’ve just injured my ankle a bit, nothing serious but i’ll be resting that so will use this as a holiday with my girlfriend. See some of cali and have a bit of down time after a long winter.

We wish Tom and Ian all the best and have everything crossed for them.