Tom Lowe goes XXL at Jaws

Tom Lowe goes XXL at Jaws

Tom Lowe and the worlds best at Jaws

Big and Mean- Jaws strikes again! January 27, 2016 by Xensr from Xensr on Vimeo.

Tom Lowe is one of the top European big wave surfers and last week at Jaws he cemented his place amongst the top big wave surfers in the world.

Tom has been a staple of big wave surfing for a number of years from pioneering Irelands big wave surf scene with Fergal Smith to charging the top big wave spots across the globe. From massive sessions in Mexico on what some called the biggest Puerto Escondido had been surfed to the first UK surfer to surf Todos Santos and Jaws throw in big days at Mavericks and Teahupoo and theres not many big wave spots left on the list.

Tom has shown that he is more than prepared and capable for these big wave sessions and now with this insane wave at Jaws he has shown he can cut it with the best and come out with one of the waves of the day.

Fourth Surfboards has been working with Tom on some of his equipment for the past two years making him a range of boards from 8’0’s to 10’4 and the odd short board in between. Working with Tom has been a great experience. He is driven and focused on his goals and really believes in what he does. We’re so stoked to see him get a wave like this and we cannot wait to see him in more.


Tom Lowe

Tom Lowe, grab rail bottom turn on what was to become one of the waves of the day at a Jaws mega session.