Tom Lowe LOVES Twin fins

Tom Lowe LOVES Twin fins

Tom Lowe’s new whip for those long summer days at home

Black Twin fin

The new weapon of choice when he’s not riding 30ft waves at Puerto

You will know Tom Lowe for his big wave game but he shreds in normal size waves. He’s also quite the mad professor when it comes to boards. Fourth Surfboards have made him single fins, longboards, SUP’s and now they have come up with this.

A 5’6 twin fin with a black resin tint and gloss polish and matt panels. Its one of if not the most amazing boards we have made here at Toy Factory Surfboards.

Shaper Luke Hart said “We’ve wanted to make a board like this for one of the team for a while but no one was brave enough to go for the black tint. Then Lowe said he wanted a black twin, so we made him this. Safe to say he was stoked, ha”

Shaper wise its a high performance twin fin with pinched rail, all the volume held in the middle of the board and a bladed out, medium swallow tail. Plenty of concave to drive water through the 2 fins and FCS 2 plugs.

Tom Lowe's new Twin fin

Like the look of this? Why not order one! We can make any custom boards to your specification. You want a black Tom Lowe twinnie, you got it. You want a bright pink Longboard its yours.

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