Toy Factory Surfboards in Ireland

Toy Factory Surfboards in Ireland


The Cliffs of Moher

The Toy Factory team headed over to Ireland last week to deliver the winter quivers to the Irish Fourth Surfboards team and the English blow overs who now call the Emerald Isle home. Tom Lowe, Tom Butler, Cain Killcullen, Gearoid Mcdaid  and Mitch Corbett were all eagerly awaiting new sticks in preparation for the start of the winter swells.

We arrived at the end of a mega run in waves. The Irish contingent had just had two weeks of amazing swell and winds. As always when we leave the factory in hope of some waves the wind goes on shore and the swell dies. This trend continued for our mini visit to the shams.

With a few small windows we made the most of what was on offer, a fun Bundoran peak session just wetted the whistle enough to keep us happy. It’s always fun to surf somewhere new especially when its pretty un crowed and a much better reef than we have back in Cornwall.


Step off's with Tom Butler

Jet Ski step off’s at Bundoran peak with Tom Butler

After a really fun morning session, we launched the jet ski with Tom Butler, another of the UK lads that now spend their time in Ireland waiting for Mullaghmore and other top big wave spots to break. If you want to be on every session you have to be amongst it, Butler told us.

We were’t off to tow big crazy lefts. Instead we did step off’s at the peak with no one else out. There was some varying degree of success with me not really grasping the concept off the bat and nose diving into a 4ft left much to the delight of head shaper and Butler partner in crime Shane “mad dog” McGraph


Luke Hart and Tom Butler of Fourth Surfboards at the Surf Summit in Sligo Ireland

Our other big reason for visiting Ireland was take part and give a talk at The Surf Summit in Sligo. The Fourth Surfboards big wave team of Tom Butler and Tom Lowe gave a talk in front of around 300 people giving them an insight into big wave surfing in Ireland and around the world. Luke Hart team manager and head shaper at Fourth Surfboards joined them on stage to give an insight into the shaping process of big wave surfboards.

Tom Lowe

Tom Lowe talks the crowd through that wipeout in Mexico at Puerto Escondido.

Once the media obligations were all done we headed south to county Claire. Where our other Irish convert Mitch Corbett lives. Mitch and the crew down in Lahinch have started a community movement based around growing organic veg. Its an amazing place and what they have created is an inspiration. With other big waves surfers in Lahinch Fergal Smith, Matt Smith and others their community is creating something that is very unique and we cannot wait to see how it all turns out.


Sampling the finer parts of Ireland

If you haven’t been to Ireland you need to, great waves, great people even better beer and some of the best scenery you will see anywhere in the world. Take it from us you wont regret it. Video from the trip coming soon.